On 03/20/2014 08:23 AM, Yao Zhao wrote:
> Third one is about when to write back to file, I am really confused
> about it. I think one way could be when user leave git repository
> using "cd" to go back. But I am not sure if git could detect user
> calls "cd" to leave repository.

I don't understand.  The cache would be in memory, and would only live
as long as a single "git" process.  Within that process, if somebody
wants to change the config, they might (for example) call one function
to lock the config file, a second function to change the value(s) in
memory, and then a third function to flush the new config out to disk
and unlock the config file again.  The cache would usually only live for
milliseconds, not minutes/hours, so I don't think your question really
makes sense.


Michael Haggerty
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