On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 10:56:58PM -0000, Philip Oakley wrote:

> >This is by design. Git-log does not calculate or show merge diffs
> >unless
> >"-c" or "--cc" is specified, and thus no diff-filter can match.
> This is hard to discern from the log(1) man page as this conflates
> commit inclusion (limiting?) with the diff formatting.
> The -c and -cc options are listed in the diff formatting section, but
> that's well down the man page. Even then, the note for the options doesn't
> say that it will cause the log output to now include the merge commits.

Merge commits are always considered. But we don't show merge _diffs_
without "-c" or "--cc". And they cannot match a diff-filter if we don't
calculate the diffs.

That being said, I can certainly imagine there is room for improvement
in the documentation.  The --diff-filter option is in the "diff options"
section, but perhaps the top of that section might want to make special
mention of "-c" and "--cc"?

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