Am 20.03.14 20:54, schrieb Jeff King:
On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 08:35:33AM +0100, Ephrim Khong wrote:

Hi, git log seems to omit merge commits that delete a file if --follow or
--diff-filter=D is given. Below is a testcase. I'm not sure if it is desired
behaviour for --diff-filter=D, but it's probably not correct that --follow
_removes_ the merge commit from the log output.

This is by design. Git-log does not calculate or show merge diffs unless
"-c" or "--cc" is specified, and thus no diff-filter can match.

Thank you for the explanation, I now understand why this is happening from a technical point of view. From a usability perspective, it is a bit confusing that a flag that should intuitively increase the number of shown commits (--follow) removes a commit from the output. Though this is just a minor annoyance, so no strong opinion here.

- Eph

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