On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 03:18:14PM -0400, Scott Sandler wrote:

> I've noticed that a few times in the past several weeks, we've had
> events where pushes have been lost when two people pushed at just
> about the same time. The scenario is that two users both have commits
> based on commit A, call them B and B'. The user with commit B pushes
> at about the same time as the user who pushes B'. Both pushes are
> determined to be fast-forwards and both succeed, but B' overwrites B
> and B is no longer on origin/master. The server does have B in its
> .git directory but the commit isn't on any branch.

What version of git are you running on the server? Is it possible that
there is a simultaneous process running `git pack-refs` (e.g., a `git
gc` run by a cron job or similar)?

There were some race conditions fixed last year wherein git could see
stale values of refs, but I do not think they could impact writing to a
ref like this.  When we take the lock on the ref, we always go straight
to the filesystem, so the value we see is up-to-date.

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