Scott Sandler <> writes:

> Is there a hook or cron job that updates or gcs this repository or any
> refs? No. No cron jobs touching the repo at all, and all the hooks are
> read-only.

If you activated the reflog, you can double-check that. Running git
reflog on the server should give you something like this:

$ git reflog show master
bf40764 (HEAD, master) master@{0}: push
2c4fc6d master@{1}: push
e72211a master@{2}: push

It should be possible to check the reflog for non-fast forward. I don't
find an obvious way, but a script going through the sha1 list and
checking that each line is an ancestor of the previous should be easy.

I can't exclude the hypothesis of a bug in Git, but my feeling is that
there's an issue with your setup.

Matthieu Moy
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