I'm breaking this off into a sub-thread, so it doesn't distract from
the main issue.

On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 12:39:03PM -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> There is this bit for "update" in git-submodule.txt:
>   For updates that clone missing submodules, checkout-mode updates
>   will create submodules with detached HEADs; all other modes will
>   create submodules with a local branch named after
>   submodule.<path>.branch.
>   [side note] Isn't that a typo of submodule.<name>.branch?

Good catch.

The transition from submodule.<path>.* to submodule.<name>.* happened
in 73b0898d (Teach "git submodule add" the --name option, 2012-09-30),
which landed in v1.8.1-rc0 on 2012-12-03.  The first
submodule.<path>.branch reference landed a short time later in
b9289227 (submodule add: If --branch is given, record it in
.gitmodules, 2012-12-19), and I was probably just not aware of
73b0898d.  The second submodule.<path>.branch reference landed in
23d25e48 (submodule: explicit local branch creation in module_clone,
2014-01-26), and is just a copy paste error.  Both should be updated
to submodule.<name>.branch.


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