"W. Trevor King" <wk...@tremily.us> writes:

>>   [side note] Isn't that a typo of submodule.<name>.branch?
> Good catch.
> The transition from submodule.<path>.* to submodule.<name>.* happened
> in 73b0898d (Teach "git submodule add" the --name option, 2012-09-30),
> which landed in v1.8.1-rc0 on 2012-12-03.  

Thanks for digging.

Strictly speaking, I think this was not even a transition (rather,
there was no way to give a submodule a name that is different from
its path).  In any version of git whose git-submodule.sh has
module_name helper function, the path and the name were conceptually
two different things, and we should have been using the name, not
path, throughout.

> ...  Both should be updated
> to submodule.<name>.branch.

I agree.  Thanks.
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