Jeff King <> writes:

> All bool config values allow "tRuE".

I was expecting somebody will bring it up, but think about it.  Bool
is a very special case.  Even among CS folks, depending on your
background, true may be True may be TRUE may be 1.

Conflating it with some random enum does not make a good argument.

> Ones that take "auto" often use
> strcasecmp (e.g., diff.*.binary). "" and "help.format" choose
> from a fixed set of tokens, but use strcmp.

I would say that the latter is the right thing to do.

> In general I do not see any reason _not_ to use strcasecmp for config
> values that are matching a fixed set. It's friendlier to the user,...

Actually, I think it ends up being hostile to the users to accept
random cases without a good reason.  If you see two trailer elements
whose where are specified as "after" and "AFTER" in somebody's
configuration file, wouldn't that give a wrong impression that a new
line with the latter somehow has a stronger desire to come later
than the former?

If you consistently take only the fixed strings, you do not have to
worry about many people writing the same things in different ways,
confusing each other.

I would however fully agree with you that using strcasecmp() would
be the cleanest when reading and maintaining the code **IF** we want
to accept values in random case, but I do not agree that accepting
random cases is a good thing, so...

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