Jeff King <> writes:

> But I also do not overly care. Literally zero people have complained
> that "[log]date = RFC822" is not accepted, so it is probably not a big
> deal either way.

That is most likely because we do not advertise these enum values
spelled in random cases in our documentation and people do not even
attempt to upcase the examples they see.  So you are right to say
that it does not hurt anybody in practice if the code does not
strcasecmp() input from them.  We do not know if using strcasecmp()
there and allowing them to feed the enums spelled in random cases
would invite confusions in the longer run, so let's not risk it.
There is no upside in using strcasecmp() here.

By the way, that is "rfc2822"---do we want "rfc822" as its synonym
as well as "rfc", I wonder ;-)
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