Marat Radchenko <marat <at>> writes:

> Jeff King <peff <at>> writes:
> > 
> > The write_or_die function will always die on an error,
> > including EPIPE. However, it currently treats EPIPE
> > specially by suppressing any error message, and by exiting
> > with exit code 0.
> This causes error box on Windows in MSVC=1 build:

After deeper investigation it turned out that Windows supports
much less signals [1] than POSIX and "If the argument is not a valid signal 
as specified above, the invalid parameter handler is invoked".

The question is - what is the proper way to fix this?
Patch mingw_raise in compat/mingw.c to map unsupported signals into
supported ones like SIGPIPE -> SIGTERM?


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