Junio C Hamano <gitster <at> pobox.com> writes:

> > This patch fixes crashes caused by quitting from PAGER.
> Can you elaborate a bit more on the underlying cause, summarizing
> what you learned from this discussion, so that those who read "git
> log" output two weeks from now do not have to come back to this
> thread in the mail archive in order to figure out why we suddenly
> needs to link with yet another library?

Without linking to that obj, Windows abort()'s instead of setting
errno=EINVAL when invalid arguments are passed to standard functions.
In this particular case, when PAGER quits and git detects it with
errno=EPIPE on write(), git tries raise(SIGPIPE) but since there is no
SIGPIPE on Windows, it is treated as invalid argument, causing abort()
and crash report window.

Linking in invalidcontinue.obj (provided along with MS compiler) allows
raise(SIGPIPE) to return with errno=EINVAL. While testing MSVC=1 git,
I found several more cases with same sympthoms (and also fixed by
given patch).

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