On 2014-04-11 22.20, Frank Ammeter wrote:
> I’m not a git expert and this might be the wrong place to ask this question,
> so please send me somewhere else if I’m in the wrong place.
> I asked the same question on stack overflow, but didn’t get any response:
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22823004/files-incorrectly-reported-modified-git-attributes-buggy-leading-to-inconsist
> If a file is committed with crlf line endings with the text attribute unset 
> in the working tree, but the text attribute is set in the repo, the file will 
> be incorrectly shown as modified - for all users checking out the file.
> Resetting or manually modifying the file will not help - The only remedy is 
> to commit the .gitattributes with the text attribute set for the file.
> Wouldn’t it be better to only consider the checked-in gitattributes instead 
> of the attributes in the working tree?
If you change stuff in your working tree (and .gitattributes is a part of the 
working tree)
how should Git know what you want?
The primary assumption is that you know what you are doing in the working tree.
> Is this a bug in git handling gitattributes or is this wrong usage? 
I thinkk No, yes.

If it is wrong usage, is it documented anywhere?
Please have a look here:

And if you think that the documentation can be improved,
please feel free to send suggestions.

A simple "git diff" is a good start, and a patch with a commit message is even 

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