Am 11.04.2014 22:20, schrieb Frank Ammeter:
# creating a git repo "repo"
rm -rf repo
mkdir repo
cd repo
git init
# committing gitattributes with text attribute set for all files
echo "* text" > .gitattributes
git add .gitattributes
git commit -m "added .gitattributes"
# add a file with CRLF line ending with text attribute unset
echo -e "crlf\r" > crlffile
echo "* -text" > .gitattributes
git add crlffile
git commit -m "added crlffile"
git checkout .gitattributes
# now "crlffile" shows as modified, even though it isn't.

It is. In the repository is stored a crlffile with \r in it which would be changed when you would do a commit (with your current gitattributes)

# only way to resolve is to modify .gitattributes

No. This works too:

git add crlffile
git commit -m .    # practically removes the \r inside the repository
git status crlffile
#shows up clean

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