Ronnie Sahlberg <> writes:

> refs.c:ref_transaction_commit() intermingles doing updates and checks with
> actually applying changes to the refs in loops that abort on error.
> This is done one ref at a time and means that if an error is detected that
> will fail the operation partway through the list of refs to update we
> will end up with some changes applied to disk and others not.
> Without having transaction support from the filesystem, it is hard to
> make an update that involves multiple refs to guarantee atomicity, but we
> can do a somewhat better than we currently do.
> These patches change the update and delete functions to use a three
> call pattern of
> 1, lock
> 2, update, or flag for deletion
> 3, apply on disk  (rename() or unlink())
> When a transaction is commited we first do all the locking, preparations
> and most of the error checking before we actually start applying any changes
> to the filesystem store.
> This means that more of the error cases that will fail the commit
> will trigger before we start doing any changes to the actual files.
> This should make the changes of refs in refs_transaction_commit slightly
> more atomic.

Hmph.  At least 5801 9350 and 9300 seem to fail with these three
queued on top of mh/ref-transaction series.
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