Brian Gesiak <> writes:

> Personally, I've been using the "-" shorthand with "git checkout"
> for a year or so, but only learned about "@{-1}" a few months ago.
> I think those who use "@{-1}" are familiar enough with the concept
> that they don't need to have the reference translated to a
> symbolic full name. Users familiar with "-" might not be aware of
> "@{-1}", however, so I'd prefer not to output it as we are
> currently.

I do not understand that reasoning.

The concept of "n-th prior checkout" (aka @{-n}) and "immediately
previous checkout" (aka "-") are equivalent, even though the former
may be more generic.

You seem to be saying that those who understand the former are with
superiour mental capacity in general than those who only know the
latter, and they can always remember where they came from.  It
sounds similar to an absurd claim (pulled out of thin-air only for
illustration purposes) that French-speaking people are of superiour
mind and do not need as much help with math as English speakers.

> Furthermore, were we to translate "@{-1}", does that mean we
> should also translate "@{-2}" or prior?

Surely, why not.  If a user is so forgetful to need help remembering
where s/he was immediately before, wouldn't it be more helpful to
give "here is where you were" reminder for older ones to allow them
to double check they specified the right thing and spot possible

I can buy "that would be a lot more work, and I do not want to do it
(or I do not think I can solve it in a more general way)", though.
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