Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

>> Furthermore, were we to translate "@{-1}", does that mean we
>> should also translate "@{-2}" or prior?
> Surely, why not.  If a user is so forgetful to need help remembering
> where s/he was immediately before, wouldn't it be more helpful to
> give "here is where you were" reminder for older ones to allow them
> to double check they specified the right thing and spot possible
> mistakes?

After re-reading the proposed log message of your v2, I notice one

    The output from a successful invocation of the shorthand command
    "git rebase -" is something like "Fast-forwarded HEAD to @{-1}",
    which includes a relative reference to a revision. Other
    commands that use the shorthand "-", such as "git checkout -",
    typically display the symbolic name of the revision.
While the above is not incorrect per-se, have you considered _why_
it is a good thing to show the symbolic name in the first place?

Giving the symbolic name 'master' is good because it is possible
that the user thought the previous branch was 'frotz', forgetting
that another branch was checked out tentatively in between, and the
user ended up rebasing on top of a wrong branch.  Telling what that
previous branch is is a way to help user spot such a potential
mistake.  So I am all for making "rebase -" report what concrete
branch the branch was replayed on top of, and consider it an incomplete
improvement if "rebase @{-1}" (or "rebase @{-2}") did not get the
same help---especially when I know that the underlying mechanism you
would use to translate @{-1} back to the concrete branch name is the
same for both cases anyway.

By the way, here is a happy tangent.  I was pleasantly surprised to
see what this procedure produced:

    $ git checkout -b ef/send-email-absolute-path maint
    $ git am -s3c a-patch-by-erik-on-different-topic
    $ git checkout bg/rebase-off-of-previous-branch
    $ git am -s3c your-v2-patch
    $ git checkout jch
    $ git merge --no-edit -
    $ git merge --no-edit @{-2}
    $ git log --first-parent -2 | grep "Merge branch"

Both short-hands are turned into concrete branch names, as they
should ;-)
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