On 21.04.2014 00:41, Felipe Contreras wrote:

= Default aliases =

Every single version control tool out there has default aliases (e.g.
co = checkout) except Git.

Every argument against default aliases was basically refuted, yet my
patches went nowhere. And the users still expect these aliases.

+1 about having default aliases in general, and I'd also add these:

br = branch
cp = cherry-pick
dt = difftool
mt = mergetool

BTW, in my experience people tend to stick to predefined aliases instead of redefining them to something (completely) different. This means that having default aliases will very likely enable one to use the same short commands on one's colleague's PC (instead of you running into issues because the same alias was defined to a different command).

If we don't standardize this now people will come up with their own definitions [1] [2] (and many others if you just search GitHub) which are again likely to differ (slightly), hindering interoperability.

[1] https://github.com/github/msysgit/pull/27
[2] https://github.com/sschuberth/dev-scripts/blob/master/git/.gitconfig

Sebastian Schuberth

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