Matthieu Moy wrote:
> Felipe Contreras <> writes:
> > Why is not material for v2.0? Because you say so? Are you going to wait 
> > another
> > ten years to introduce this to v3.0?
> There's no need to wait for a 3.0 to introduce this. If these would
> be low-priority compared to user-defined aliases, there's no backward
> compatibility issue, it can very well be a 2.1, or whatever number comes
> after 2.0.

Can it? I would like Junio to say so.

Still, v2.0 is a better time for this.

> > This is actually the perfect time to do it.
> Junio has just tagged a -rc for 2.0, so it's clearly too late to start
> discussing new features for this particular release.

And whose fault is that? I never saw any warning about the -rc tag, and I never
saw any discussion about possible features missing in v2.0.

Given that the next backward-incompatible release might be in a decade, I would
have expected people to have put more thought into v2.0, but I guess the Git
project is not really interested in progressive features.

Felipe Contreras
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