I would like to request your participation in a survey on
    Open Source Organizational Culture, 
which will provide valuable insight into how Open Source projects are run, how 
their participants act, how they might change going forward, and how particular 
Open Source projects compare with one another and with traditional business 
cultures. The survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete.


The survey will be used as part of my thesis on Open Source Organizational 
Culture at BI Norwegian Business School (www.bi.no/en, or www.bi.edu), but in 
true Open Source spirit the raw - but anonymized - results will be open for 
all. So, your Open Source project will be able to massage and dissect the 
results any way you wish, and see how you compare with other projects out there.

Up until now, most research in Open Source culture has been based on mining 
mailing lists to find out how people act, who they interact with, and how 
projects organize themselves.

In this research we would rather ask the participants directly about how a 
project is managed and what should change for the project to be spectacularly 


The survey is open now through May 1st.


The bit.ly address brings you to the following survey


Remember that you can save your progress at any time and come back to the 
survey at a later point when you have time to finish it.

Who are you?
My name is Marius Storm-Olsen, and I am currently working on a thesis on Open 
Source Organizational Culture. I've been an active part of Open Source for 
years, most notably on the Qt and Git projects. Although I have my own 
experiences to draw on in the thesis, they do not qualify for the Open Source 
community at large, hence the survey.

How to help?
If you want to help, feel free to forward this email to any Open Source project 
you would want to participate the survey. Once you have send the invitation, 
please either send me an email with the name of the project, or update the 
table shown on


I do hope you can participate, and thank you for your consideration!

Best regards,
Marius Storm-Olsen
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