Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Max Horn <m...@quendi.de> writes:
> > Perhaps it is OK to move an undocumented remote-helper
> > with known bugs out of contrib.
> We should strive to apply the same criteria as new submission to the
> main part of the system.  And inputs from people like you who have
> more experiences than others on the list in dealing with hg-to-git
> bridging are very much welcomed to identify and document what kind
> of breakages there are, and to come up with the solution to them.

FTR. There are no "known brakages", at least to me. Max Horn tends to hoard
these issues and never report them (unless an opportunity to criticize
git-remote-hg comes, apparently).

The very unlikely issue that nobody has reported about hg multiple heads and gc
I just fixed, and the issue he just reported about 'foo' and 'foo/bar' is newly
reported, and there's no easy way to fix this. My proposal would be to have
some sort of branch mapping mechanism in fast-import, but hardly something that
should prevent the move out of contrib.

Felipe Contreras
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