Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

> The very unlikely issue that nobody has reported about hg multiple heads and 
> gc
> I just fixed, and the issue he just reported about 'foo' and 'foo/bar' is 
> newly
> reported, and there's no easy way to fix this.

I would not judge on likelyhood, but I would say that 'foo' vs
'foo/bar' is something that falls into the same category as "if you
want your project to be cross-platform, don't have paths Foo and foo
both tracked, as some people have to work on case insensitive

In other words, I think it is perfectly fine as long as the users
are made aware of these issues.  One way to deal with such a project
may be to allow users to map 'foo' to 'foo_' to make room for
'foo/bar', but lack of such a feature is not grave enough to block
it from being used---it would be unreasonable to demand the ref
mapping to be implemented before the command is given to the end
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