Jeff King <> writes:

> I would think it's the opposite. Long lines look _horrible_ without
> "-S", as they get wrapped at awkward points. Using "-S" means that long
> lines don't bug you, unless you really want to scroll over and see the
> content.
> I really think the right solution here is to teach less to make it more
> obvious that there is something worth scrolling over to. Here's a very
> rough patch for less, if you want to see what I'm thinking of.

Yes, I think that was suggested as an issue worth bringing up with
less maintainers earlier in the thread already (and that was why I
didn't repeat it).  If we were in the business of updating less to
suit many users' needs (the needs of our users included), we may
even want to advocate turning R on by default.

And I do agree that the "chopped marker" would be a very sensible
thing to show in the "-S" output; I would have chosen "$" myself for
that to match an existing practice in (setq truncate-lines t) in
Emacs, though.

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