Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> I am not opposed to changing the default in the longer term, as long
> as we have a solid transition plan to ensure that it won't disrupt
> and/or upset existing users too much.

I am personally in favor of changing the default to drop the S. Silently
hiding stuff from the user's eyes is really bad. With good coding
standard and reasonable terminal size, it actually doesn't matter. And
on projects actually containing very long lines (e.g. some people write
LaTeX code with whole paragraphs for each lines), showing only the
beginning of the line (i.e. the first line of the paragraph in my
LaTeX example) isn't very useful.

I do not think we particularly need a transition plan here: it's purely
a user-interface thing, not something that may break any script or other
tool. Changing the default and documenting the way to return to the old
default in release notes and in the manual would be sufficient IMHO.

GUI usually don't warn when the shape of a button is going to change in
the next version ...

Matthieu Moy
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