> I think you are on the right track but the solution is not to shrug shoulders.
> We should acknowledge there are serious problems with the interface, list 
> them,
> and try to fix them. One example is `git add $tracked_file` being wrong, it
> should be `git stage $tracked_file`.

I agree. The "stage area" is a very important concept in git, why not
talk git commands that refers to it? Then we could add flags like
--new-files or --deleted-files for better granularity than the current
--all flag.

> The real problem is that the core developers of Git don't acknowledge these
> user-interface issues, according the them the interface doesn't require any
> major changes. Which goes contrary to what most of the world believes.

I think most people agree with these interfaces issues but it's a hard
problem to solve, so  they are reluctant to talk about it because they
fear the can of worm. If someone came with a good solution most people
would be willing to consider it.

I think starting by documenting the issues is a good idea, maybe on a
wiki, and start some draft of a proposed solution that would improve
in an iterative process.

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