Philippe Vaucher wrote:
> > I think you are on the right track but the solution is not to shrug 
> > shoulders.
> > We should acknowledge there are serious problems with the interface, list 
> > them,
> > and try to fix them. One example is `git add $tracked_file` being wrong, it
> > should be `git stage $tracked_file`.
> I agree. The "stage area" is a very important concept in git, why not
> talk git commands that refers to it? Then we could add flags like
> --new-files or --deleted-files for better granularity than the current
> --all flag.

Like this:

> > The real problem is that the core developers of Git don't acknowledge these
> > user-interface issues, according the them the interface doesn't require any
> > major changes. Which goes contrary to what most of the world believes.
> I think most people agree with these interfaces issues but it's a hard
> problem to solve, so  they are reluctant to talk about it because they
> fear the can of worm. If someone came with a good solution most people
> would be willing to consider it.
> I think starting by documenting the issues is a good idea, maybe on a
> wiki, and start some draft of a proposed solution that would improve
> in an iterative process.

Yes, it would be good to document these issues, but it wouldn't matter if the
developers ignore them.

For example the move away from the 'index' name was backed up by literally
everyone, except Junio, so it doesn't matter if the issue is documented, and
there are patches with good solutions, if Junio thinks it's not an issue; it's

Felipe Contreras
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