On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 10:50:26AM -0700, Dan Albert wrote:

> git-imap-send was directly prompting for a password rather than using
> git-credential. git-send-email, on the other hand, supports
> git-credential.

Yay. These sorts of conversions were definitely on my mind when I did
the original credential work, and have mostly been waiting on somebody
who cares enough about specific tools to switch them over.

>  static struct imap_store *imap_open_store(struct imap_server_conf *srvc)
>  {
> + struct credential cred = CREDENTIAL_INIT;

Your patch seems to have been whitespace-damaged in transit (there are
hints for gmail in the format-patch and send-email manpages).

> + cred.username = xstrdup(srvc->user);
> + cred.protocol = xstrdup("imap");
> + cred.host = xstrdup(srvc->host);
> + credential_fill(&cred);
> + srvc->pass = xstrdup(cred.password);

The "imap" protocol will get passed along to any helpers. I think the
only one which actually cares about the specific content is the
osxkeychain helper, which differentiates between "imap" and "imaps". I
think we can know which is which at this point and do:

  cred.protocol = xstrdup(srvc->use_ssl ? "imaps" : "imap");

Other than that, the patch looks good. Tests would be wonderful, but we
have no infrastructure at all, so it would involve writing a mock IMAP
server. Having implemented both IMAP servers and clients in a previous
life, I could not ask anyone to go through that pain. :)

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