I'm skipping a lot of the discussion here, sorry about that, but
on one particular note:

Jeremy Morton <ad...@game-point.net> wrote:
> (...) and besides it takes up space that could be 
>used for a commit message.  As short commit messages are valued in Git,
>it's particularly bad to waste space this way.

Not really. While different groups will have different values, the
"greater git community" seems to prefer short _first lines_,
of fifty chars or less, while the _body_ should be as verbose as
it needs to be (but not more than). Ergo, while the first
line shouldn't contain a swath of metadata, the body can

A particularly good example of this is almost every commit to
the git project itself - there are"Signed-of-by" lines and such
everywhere in the logs.

>Also, you don't always have something you can link a commit to in an 
>issue tracker.  You may just be implementing a feature that has been 
>agreed upon, independently of any such tracker.  In that case, there's 
>no bug# to link to.

In which case, refer to whatever system you use. If you aren't
using a ticketing system, have the line "Relates-to: Water
cooler conversation with Bob on July 28th" or whatever the
patches relate to.

(Arguably, though, the better solution is to use a ticketing
system, or anything that allows discussion to be easily

James Denholm.
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