On 27/04/2014 22:40, James Denholm wrote:
Also, you don't always have something you can link a commit to in an
issue tracker.  You may just be implementing a feature that has been
agreed upon, independently of any such tracker.  In that case, there's
no bug# to link to.

In which case, refer to whatever system you use. If you aren't
using a ticketing system, have the line "Relates-to: Water
cooler conversation with Bob on July 28th" or whatever the
patches relate to.

(Arguably, though, the better solution is to use a ticketing
system, or anything that allows discussion to be easily

Well, as I said elsewhere in this discussion, Git should provide that functionality built-in, IMHO. It would be good to be able to set a one-liner in my .gitconfig to tag each commit with a "branch checked into" trailer.

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Jeremy Morton (Jez)
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