Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Marat Radchenko wrote:

> Does the effect of this setting depend on whether CC=gcc (i.e., is the
> Makefile checking the value of CC and ignoring CROSS_COMPILE when it
> is e.g. the Intel compiler)?

If the user is doing 'make CC=gcc', the CROSS_COMPILE setting shouldn't be

> [...]
> > -STRIP ?= strip
> > +STRIP = $(CROSS_COMPILE)strip
> Before, STRIP from the environment took precedence over STRIP from the
> makefile.  Switching to the more usual 'environment can't be trusted'
> convention is a good change, but please mention it in the commit
> message.

That's only if you run make without -e. If somebody wants the environment to be
trusted, they should run 'make -e' in my opinion.

Felipe Contreras
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