Dave Borowitz <dborow...@google.com> writes:

> The original implementation of CURL_CONFIG support did not match the
> original behavior of using -lcurl when CURLDIR was not set. This broke
> implementations that were lacking curl-config but did have libcurl
> installed along system libraries, such as MSysGit. In other words, the
> assumption that curl-config is always installed was incorrect.
> Instead, if CURL_CONFIG is empty or returns an empty result (e.g. due
> to curl-config being missing), use the old behavior of falling back to
> -lcurl.
> ---


I still think the implementation of "If CURL_CONFIG is unset" bit is
a bit redundant, though.

> +             CURL_CONFIG ?= curl-config
> +             ifeq "$(CURL_CONFIG)" ""
> +                     CURL_LIBCURL =
> +             else
> +                     CURL_LIBCURL := $(shell $(CURL_CONFIG) --libs)
> +             endif

Other than that, the remainder of the change looks correct to me.

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