On 29/04/2014 12:47, Christian Couder wrote:
Also, if there were no current branch name because you're committing in a
detached head state, it would be nice if you could have some logic to
determine that, and instead write the trailer as:
         Made-on-branch: (detached HEAD: AB12CD34)

You may need to write a small script for that.
Then you just need the "trailer.m-o-b.command" config value to point
to your script.

... or whatever.  And also how about some logic to be able to say that if
you're committing to the "master" branch, the trailer doesn't get inserted
at all?

You can script that too.

But it would be nicer if the logic were built-in, then you wouldn't have to share some script with your work colleagues. :-)

Best regards,
Jeremy Morton (Jez)
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