From: Jeremy Morton <>

> On 29/04/2014 12:47, Christian Couder wrote:
>>> Also, if there were no current branch name because you're committing
>>> in a
>>> detached head state, it would be nice if you could have some logic to
>>> determine that, and instead write the trailer as:
>>>          Made-on-branch: (detached HEAD: AB12CD34)
>> You may need to write a small script for that.
>> Then you just need the "trailer.m-o-b.command" config value to point
>> to your script.
>>> ... or whatever.  And also how about some logic to be able to say that
>>> if
>>> you're committing to the "master" branch, the trailer doesn't get
>>> inserted
>>> at all?
>> You can script that too.
> But it would be nicer if the logic were built-in, then you wouldn't
> have to share some script with your work colleagues. :-)

The above logic is very specific to your workflow. For example some
people might a "Made-on-branch: " trailer only when they are on real
branches except "dev" and "master".

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