When I use zsh tab-completion to complete the submodule name in 'git
submodule init', I get more than I expected.

>From the gerrit repository (which has plugins):
  $ git submodule init plugins/<TAB>
  plugins/commit-message-length-validator\ \(v1.0-rc1-9-g545000b\)
  plugins/reviewnotes\ \(v1.0-rc1-8-ge984300\)
  plugins/replication\ \(v1.1-rc0-13-g4c3f4c9\)

It works ok in bash.  I tried to bisect the trouble, but it still
fails in 1.8.3, so I'm beginning to think it's me.  Does this happen
to anyone else?  Is it something in my local configuration causing

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