Phil Hord wrote:
> When I use zsh tab-completion to complete the submodule name in 'git
> submodule init', I get more than I expected.
> From the gerrit repository (which has plugins):
>   $ git submodule init plugins/<TAB>
>   plugins/commit-message-length-validator\ \(v1.0-rc1-9-g545000b\)
>   plugins/reviewnotes\ \(v1.0-rc1-8-ge984300\)
>   plugins/replication\ \(v1.1-rc0-13-g4c3f4c9\)
> It works ok in bash.  I tried to bisect the trouble, but it still
> fails in 1.8.3, so I'm beginning to think it's me.  Does this happen
> to anyone else?  Is it something in my local configuration causing
> this?

Define 'works' in bash. From what I can see from the bash completion,
it's not doing anything special, so the completion you see are simply

Felipe Contreras
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