> Problem #6: push - reject - pull - push sequence sometimes transforms
> into a loop with several iterations and doesn't add happiness.

As far as I undestand, this is the most annoying thing. In
git (like other distributed systems), you cannot push your
changes unless you merge them with a very last version of
the whole repository.

I think the only good way to use git in a team with more
than a very few persons is to switch to pull-request based
workflow, which does not require users to update to push
their changes. Then their changes are merged to master
either by a human integrator or by a tool (gitorious,
github, stash, gerrit etc.).

I think it can be even as little as 'update' hook, thich is
triggered when user pushes to branch like 'inbox/bob' and
tries to merge the branch to master. The only issue I can
see with it is that does not provide a way to specify
meaningful merge message.

Btw, then the problem#2 is not a problem, because the merge
done by user does not yet produce the commit to be added to
master, but just prepares more recent version - to resolves
conflicts or check how the changes work against newer
codebase. One more merge is still performed by the server,
and parent order is correct:

master =====+===+======2
             \   \    /
your copy     +===1==+


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