Matthieu Moy wrote:
> Felipe Contreras <> writes:
> > Marc Branchaud wrote:
> >> But I'm definitely biased because I think pull is pretty much broken:
> >> 
> >> * New users are encouraged to use pull, but all too often the default
> >> fetch-then-merge behaviour doesn't match their expectations and they end up
> >> starting threads like this one on the mailing list.
> >
> > Yes, this has been discussed many times in the past, and everyone agrees
> > the default behavior is not correct.
> You definitely have a strange notion of "everyone".

Do I? Let's look at some of the discussions:

* W. Trevor King agrees the default should change
* Junio C Hamano agrees the default should change
* John Keeping agrees the default should change
* Matthieu Moy doesn't agree anything should change
* Linus Torvalds agrees changing the default is fine

* Richard Hansen agrees with my proposal
* Ramkumar Ramachandra agrees with my proposal
* Brian M. Carlson is not happy but can live with my proposal
* Jeff King accepts my proposal is a good way to move forward
* Matthieu Moy is OK with change, but only if the default remains the same

So, by "everyone" I mean everyone but one person (you).

Rational people don't think in absolute terms, "everyone" means
virtually everyone, which is the case.

Felipe Contreras
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