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On Tue, May 06, 2014 at 07:54:30AM +1000, James Denholm wrote:

> Given that subtree subtree doesn't really generate a lot of discussion,
> would it be advisable to wrap this up (barring further discussion) and send
> it off to Junio rather than waiting for further community consensus?

I do not know if "lack of discussion" is a good reason to consider
something in good shape; oftentimes it is a sign that nobody is
interested in the area. We usually rely on "area maintainers" to give an
OK to the patches if they are not something that the maintainer himself
has an interest in.

However, in this case, you did get review, and I think it is pretty easy
to see the patches are good even if one does not care about the
particular area. So I think they are fine to pass on and apply.

Note also that patches like this are a great place to get started, as
they help build trust in a contributor, who can later help out with
area maintenance.

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