Greg Troxel wrote:
> In a packaging system, dependencies are much more troublesome.
> Dependencies have to be declared, and the build limited to use only
> those declared dependencies, in order to get repeatable builds and
> binary packages that can be used on other systems.  Dependencies that
> really are required are fine.  But optional dependencies are a
> problem, because e.g. one doesn't want to require the presence of qt
> to build something (that isn't already enormous).   So if git needs
> mercurial and subversion installed, plus perhaps 5 other things for
> less popular remote helpers, that starts to be a real burden.

It doesn't *need* them to build. The Mercurial/Bazaar dependencies are
optional, both at build-time and at run-time. Most distributions would
want to test the functionality they are distributing, and for testing
they do need these dependencies.

Felipe Contreras
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