On Thu, 8 May 2014, Felipe Contreras wrote:

Chris Packham wrote:
On 06/05/14 11:50, Junio C Hamano wrote:
The same argument would apply to git-svn, git-p4, and git-cvsimport,
I would think.

A bit of a crazy suggestion and a little off-topic. Assuming maintainers
can be found what about having these foreign vcs interfaces as
submodules. That way they can be in Junio's tree as well as having their
own release cycles. The same could apply to git-gui, gitk and gitweb. It
would also be a chance to eat-our-own-dogfood with submodules.

If submodules were an integral part of Git that would be a possibility,
but they are more like a hack.

Well, if git.git can't use them, then how can anyone else be expected to.

I haven't been paying close attention for a while, what would have to be done to make submodules "an integral part of Git"?

David Lang
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