Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:
> > Really? Based on what reasoning? I have proven his reasoning to be
> > basically wrong.
> Perhaps s/proven/convinced myself only/; you didn't prove it to me
> and I doubt you proved it to John.

And you are still conveniently avoiding the question:

Based on what reasoning?

> > Of course it wasn't a mistake.
> I doubt about the "Of course" part.  The first reaction after seeing
> that the new "changegroup" is used only inside check_version(3,0)
> and nowhere else was to wonder if that import is necessary (or even
> safe) for the pre-v3.0 versions.

I don't care about your first reaction. If that was only present in
newer versions, how do you think it would pass the testing on older


Normally I would explain the details of why this is the case, and send
the crash regresion fix for v2.0 with a clear explanation, but since you
are adamant in threating git-remote-hg/bzr as just another crappy
contrib script that doesn't even have tests like diff-highlight or
hg-to-git. Why would I care?

The fact that I'm the maintainer and I say it'ss good should be good
enough, and if the current version in "master" renders unusable the
existing Mercurial clones, hey, it's only in contrib, right?

Felipe Contreras
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