Felipe Contreras wrote:
> Junio C Hamano wrote:

> > I do not see a strong reason to move it out of contrib, either.
> Really? So why did you say this?[2]
> > > Either way, I think if things go well, remote-hg will prove it's
> > > worth and move out of contrib and into git's core.
> > 
> > That was what you promised when we started carrying it in contrib/; I
> > am still hoping to see it happen when it matures.
> Jeff said the same thing when he was acting as maintainer[3], and you
> didn't correct him:
> > I would one day like to have it as part of the main distribution, too,
> > but it would be nice to prove its worth in the field for a while
> > first.
> All this time I've been operating under the impression that once
> git-remote-hg proved itself, it would graduate out of contrib.
> So basically you tricked me, and I wasted insane amounts of time chasing
> a target that was impossible to reach.

Even contrib/README says so:

  I expect that things that start their life in the contrib/ area
  to graduate out of contrib/ once they mature, either by becoming
  projects on their own, or moving to the toplevel directory.  On
  the other hand, I expect I'll be proposing removal of disused
  and inactive ones from time to time.

Felipe Contreras
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