Junio C Hamano wrote:

> > I don't want to do anything for a "contrib" tool.
> >
> > It's already broken in v2.0 anyway.
> Yes, this is not even an old regression.

Yes it is. It has nothing to do with with Mercurial v3.0, that's a
separate issue. We've been doing a workaround since v1.8.3, and that
workaround will break things in v2.0.

I already said this multiple times, but let me be clear once more:

MASTER HAS A REGRESSION (for all versions of Mercurial).

> If you no longer want to have it in contrib/, I can drop it in future
> releases (but not in v2.0), so that people can find the latest and
> greatest directly from you.  Otherwise, queuing a fix on 'pu' and then
> to 'next' in preparation for an early graduation for the release after
> v2.0 (and as a fix, it may want to go to older maintenance releases)
> is also fine by me.

Are you saying that the graduation plan is going to continue and they
are going to move out of contrib and be distributed by default?

If that's the case I'll resume the fixes because the current sitution is
not good.

Felipe Contreras
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