Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> wrote:
> As a minimal token that anybody might possibly be using it, I would like
> to see it work at least once. Since you said you have arch repos, can
> you confirm that it does something?

Those repos are in offline/offsite storage and I do not have time to
retrieve them.  I've forgotten how to use tla to get a public repo,

> Eric Wong wrote:
> > No, I am not convinced existing foreign SCM tools should move
> > out-of-tree.  Perhaps something like the following would be helpful:
> Tell that to Junio.
> If tools like git-remote-hg with tests and active maintanance and many
> users cannot be in the core, why should 'git archimport' be?

Perhaps it's easier to deal with a benign, unmaintained tool than
to deal with you as a maintainer?

> Would you at least be OK with a demotion to contrib/?

I don't see the point of moving it around, even.
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