Eric Wong wrote:
> Felipe Contreras <> wrote:
> > As a minimal token that anybody might possibly be using it, I would like
> > to see it work at least once. Since you said you have arch repos, can
> > you confirm that it does something?
> Those repos are in offline/offsite storage and I do not have time to
> retrieve them.

Then we have no reason to believe they still work, and therefore, no
reason to believe anybody is using this.

> I've forgotten how to use tla to get a public repo, even.

No surprises there given how unfriendly tla is.

> > Eric Wong wrote:
> > > No, I am not convinced existing foreign SCM tools should move
> > > out-of-tree.  Perhaps something like the following would be helpful:
> > 
> > Tell that to Junio.
> > 
> > If tools like git-remote-hg with tests and active maintanance and many
> > users cannot be in the core, why should 'git archimport' be?
> Perhaps it's easier to deal with a benign, unmaintained tool than
> to deal with you as a maintainer?

That is irrelevant to the bad quality of 'git archimport'.

> > Would you at least be OK with a demotion to contrib/?
> I don't see the point of moving it around, even.

So basically you think we should keep 'git archimport' forever in the
core, even if nobody uses it ever. So much for compromises.

I think it should be removed altogether. If somebody complains the were
using the tool, it can be added to contrib/ as a temporary measure.

Felipe Contreras
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