Felipe Contreras wrote:
> Linus Torvalds wrote:
> > Felipe, stop this stupid blaming of everybody but yourself.
> Show me evidence that this decision was my fault. Junio certainly hasn't
> said so. You just have no idea what we are talking about.

Here, let me show you.

Junio, can you answer these questions?

 1) What is missing from git-remote-hg/bzr in order for them to be
    considered to be merged to the core?

 2) If a different maintainer steps up, would you consider reconsider
    merging them to the core?

 3) Is there any chance that in the future you would consider them after
    they are more mature, and/or perhaps with a different maintainer?

Unless Junio changes his mind again, the answers to those questions
should be clear already to the people following the discussion
(i.e. not you).

Felipe Contreras
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