David Kastrup wrote:
> Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:
> > Then there's no point in reading what else you have to say. Whatever
> > reasons you might have to agree with Junio are known only to you, thus
> > your "agreement" is opaque and meaningless.
> Let me spell it out for you.  Michael states "I agree with Junio.  There
> are good technical arguments for and against moving git-remote-hg out of
> contrib."  Since there are arguments for both sides, the decision boils
> down to a judgment call.  Michael states that he condones the choice
> Junio made, based on the reasoning he gave.

Junio didn't give any reasoning, he deferred by saying "that reason some
other guy gave" and he never explained which reason that was.

Which is why I'm pretty sure Michael Haggery does not have actually any

He even admitted almost as much by saying he doesn't really care much
about these "small technical issues", which are not important to him.

So until Michael explains his reasons, I'll assume he has none. And so
should any rational person.

Felipe Contreras
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