Paolo Ciarrocchi wrote:
> On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 11:42 AM, Michael Haggerty 
> <>wrote:
> > Felipe, you seem to have so much potential.  If you would put as
> > much effort in conducting social interactions as you do in coding,
> > the whole balance would change entirely, and any software project
> > would be happy to have you.  With all my heart I truly wish you the
> > best in your future endeavors.
> I really *love* this paragraph. Felipe, you are a brilliant developer
> and you put a lot of work trying to improve GIT.


> While I agree with you the this project is managed in a bit conservative
> way

Only a bit? I don't think I've been involed in a more conservative open
source project.

> you should really improve how you communicate with other developers,
> it's such a pity your contributions are some times not included in
> git.git just because of your attitude.

But that's a theory. You don't *know* that they would have been included
had I used a different attitude.

In fact, people have contacted me privately saying similar things, and
I'll give you the same challenge I gave them. If you think a different
attitude would get my patches in, how about *you* write the commit
messages and the discussions for one of my stuck patch series. I'll send
the mails as if I had written the content.

If you are right, the different attitude would make the patches land in
no time. I still think it's not right for patches to be rejected simply
because of attitude, but I would accept you were right.

But I think you already know that won't happen, the patches still won't
get in, not because of the attitude, but because of what they are trying
to do: change things.

So if I *know* certain feature would be useful for Git users, I've
listened to all the comments, and addressed all the problems, why would
I give up on those patches? Why would I work on something more boring
that won't benefit users as much but would have higher chances of
getting in?

I'm doing this on my own free time, I can choose to do whatever I want,
in whatever way I want, so no, I'll keep working on what I think is

If you really think the patches can be accepted with a different
attitude, by all means, let's do the experiment and find out.

Felipe Contreras
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