Ronnie Sahlberg wrote:

> This patch series is based on next and expands on the transaction API.

Sorry to take so long to get to this.

For the future, it's easier to review patches based on some particular
branch that got merged into next, since next is a moving target
(series come and go from there depending on what seems to need testing
at a given moment).  Is mh/ref-transaction the relevant branch to
build on?

Trying to apply the series to mh/ref-transaction, I get conflicts in
patch 13 due to absence of rs/ref-update-check-errors-early.

Trying to apply the series to a merge of mh/ref-transaction and
rs/ref-update-check-errors-early, I get a minor conflict in patch 15
but it is easy to resolve and the rest goes smoothly.

Looking forward to reading the rest.  Thanks.
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