Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

> The tools are now maintained out-of-tree, and they have a regression in
> v2.0.

You seem not to understand at all what a regression is.

My understanding is that versions of remote-hg shipped with all
versions of Git did not work with Hg 3.0, so not working with Hg 3.0
is a regression in v2.0 at all.  A recent report was about Hg 3.0
not working with 1.9.3, but I think you earlier said all versions of
Git does not work with Hg 3.0, and I can believe it.  That is hardly
a regression.

You could argue that Hg has a new regression to its external users
of its API when it went to 3.0.  We actually had a similar breakage
in 1.5.4, where it was reported late in the cycle after -rc0 [*1*]
that cgit that linked with our internal API libgit.a was broken by a
change on our side, which resulted in us fixing the breakage (even
though technically you may be able to say that it was cgit's fault
to link with libgit.a in the first place) with 18125644 (Move
sha1_file_to_archive into libgit, 2008-01-14) very late in the
cycle.  Calling that a regression in cgit would have been insane,
even if we did not patch our side up to accomodate it.

Stop this idiocy.


*1* http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.version-control.git/70117/focus=71064
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