Ronnie Sahlberg wrote:
> Could you please calm down and adjust your behavior.  This constant
> hostility and rudeness makes the mailing list very unpleasant.

I explaind that to him multiple times. In the mail I replied to he is
once again assuming I'm a *insert-your-favorite-non-smart-adjective*,
and explaining to me what a regression is.

How many times must one repeat something before one is entitled so thay
something is not "getting through the skull" of another person? 5? 10?

But fine, let's assume I do have to adjust my behavior. Maybe I should
have said "it doesn't register in your brain", or just "it fails to grab
your attention".

But if I have to adjust for saying that (which was true), what do you
say to Junio for saying this? (which was not)

> > Stop this idiocy.

I presume nothing, because Junio is a riskier target.

Felipe Contreras
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